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Blue Giraffe Films

I received my first camera when I was about 8 years old…it was a disk camera which they don’t even make anymore. I enjoyed taking pictures of almost everything. When I was 12, my parents purchased a video camera and I began making movies with my friends. Even at that young age, I was storyboarding the films and directing the action. That’s when my passion for videography really kicked in.  Fast forward to when my wife and I opened our own real estate company.  It was only natural that I was the one to pick up the camera to shoot our listing pictures. Since we like being on the cutting edge of technology, it wasn’t long before we decided to make cinematic home video tours and I purchased my first video camera. As time went by, I began purchasing additional gear (sliders, gimbals, lights, microphones, drones, etc.) to make the videos even more dynamic. Friends and colleagues liked my films, and encouraged me to shoot other videos for community interest, small business spotlights and real estate news, among others. 

After years of making cinematic real estate video tours and other types of films, I was approached by fans of my work asking if I could make videos for their businesses. Since making videos is a passion of mine, I decided to start my own video marketing company to help others with their video needs.  Blue Giraffe Films is the result.  My favorite part of videography is telling other people’s stories and it’s what I believe I do best. I enjoy using the camera to narrate the story and capture the essence of my subject.  Every story can benefit from quality film, I welcome the opportunity to tell yours!
Thank you so much for your consideration!
Tom Yurczyk
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